About us

The WebDream story started in 2001

As a 3-person garage company, we created our customers' first web appearances and web stores. Today, we are a team of 50 people who carry on the maximalism and desire to improve with which we started our first jobs with a large corporate and international clientele.


We have experienced all the difficulties and challenges of starting a business. We've taken on our first new colleagues and set up the company's graphics and operations division.


After 2005, we received our first major projects and became a regular partner of Toshiba Hungary, Sara Lee, Cetelem Bank, Budapest Sewage Works and many other companies of similar size. Despite the crisis, we have continued to grow and expand.


We moved to Astoria and our portfolio started to include our first foreign projects. We became a premier supplier to T-Systems and Magyar Telekom. By 2015, the team had grown to 15 people, and we launched our internship programme and other internal trainings.


Due to continuous expansion, we moved to our current office in Nagymező Street in 2016. Soon after, our staff reached 30 people, and we were able to work on a wide variety of exciting projects divided into project teams. We started 2018 with ambitious plans and goals, working on many technological and organisational innovations.


The past 3 years have presented our team with unprecedented challenges. We have responded to the global scale problems posed by the pandemic and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine by immediately reorganising our workflows and projects. This has led to the biggest success in our history, with significant growth in recent years. In 2023, with a team of 50 people and a standalone web design and digital agency, we are a reliable partner for our clients.