Mobile applications

The recipe for breathtaking and successful mobile apps requires 3 ingredients:

pro UI team pro mobile development team pro backend and operations background

In IT projects, a lot of extra time and resources are generated at the points where multiple companies and multiple vendors have to work together. One of the keys to the success of our mobile app development projects is that we have all the expertise in-house. Even if we only develop one layer, we can deliver substantial experience and recommendations to the partner teams.

Breathtaking UI

Initially, Apple was the flagship company that introduced the forward-thinking mobile UX/UI solutions that have long established the kind of sophistication we're following. Our default mission is to make a mobile app trendy, compelling and as easy to use as possible.

At home in mobile technologies

Whether it's native iOS or Android development, or even a more cost-effective cross-platform approach based on React Native, our development team always sees every new app as a new creation.

The background, which is just as important

Behind almost every mobile application there is a database, a server infrastructure and a web system that provides the data flow. The success of a mobile app depends entirely on the reliability of the data source and its operation. That is why our more than 20 years of experience in backend systems operations is a major competitive advantage in mobile app development projects.

Two of our projects, in which the backend system also plays a main role:

  • Our employee evaluation mobile application developed for Mazars obtains the employee data and hierarchy, as well as survey questions from a separate HR system and feeds the evaluation data back to it for reports.
  • Our doctor finder mobile app for Teladoc extracts the specialties, appointments and price lists of clinics and doctors from the database of a web-based doctor finder portal, as well as the user data required for booking an appointment.

References we are proud of


Medical services and appointment booking

T-Systems Symposium

Custom event application

Mazars HR Feedback

Employee work evaluation app

We can deliver the UI design, frontend and backend system development, and the IT system for mobile applications independently, as a complete team.

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