3D Prop.store

3D Prop.store is a webshop specializing in 3D objects, where game developers, film professionals and hobbyists interested in 3D modeling go shopping. We worked from the material brought during the frontend development, as the Client had a specific idea regarding the UX/UI design, which he implemented beforehand in Figma. Such tasks are a real challenge, since we have to place all elements with pixel precision, which must be in the right place not only in the desktop, but also in the mobile view. In addition to the frontend development, we also had to develop a particularly complex system that controls the background business processes and is an integral part of them, which takes care of the entire business process, including the 3D scanning of objects and their subsequent production. SimplePay, PayPal, Billingo and MailChimp integration have also been created to relieve administrative tasks and in the spirit of smooth business solutions.


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