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Borsmenta - gastro magazine was particularly popular in our team for two reasons: First is, because we designed and developed every corner of the online magazine, from the logo to the backend interface, and the second is because we had to achieve an image with a direct and personal atmosphere, different from the solutions of the business world.

Borsmenta has now become one of the leading players in gastro content providers. The paper's editors summarize their mission and philosophy as follows:

"We eat, drink, talk, bake and cook, and travel like anyone else. But we also write about our experiences and present our conversation partners so that others can get to know them. Sometimes we test, mainly wines, but sometimes coffees, food, places, and we'll tell you what we thought it was like. Borsmenta is about the everyday spices of life. Everything that makes one day a little different from the next. Everything that makes an occasion memorable, everything that is good to live. Everyday joys, small miracles, people with whom it is an experience to be with. This is what Borsmenta offers. For everyone."







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