Főtáv - Pimp My Pipe

Facebok application

FŐTÁV Zrt organized a campaign to decorate a district heating line running in the heart of Újpest. The capital city company presented us with a very serious challenge because, in addition to uploading individually created graphics, we had to implement an online design interface that gave anyone the opportunity to color and paint, a long district heating line. Using typical drawing tools (brush, pencil, sticker, circle, square) and pre-made stickers, wallpapers and backgrounds, the design interface had to give as much free space as possible to users who like to design and decorate. And if the challenge wasn't enough for us, we had to stretch the completed graphics and visuals onto a 3D visual plan made from a real photo, so that the creator can see approximately how his work will look on the district heating line.

We designed all UI interfaces and most of the graphic materials, publications, and advertisements belonging to the campaign.

We successfully built our system, the Facebook application and the campaign were launched, the applications, polls and evaluations came. The jury selected the best works based on the votes of the audience, and with the cooperation of the creative team of the City of Colors, the decoration was realized in Újpest.





submitted graphics

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of pipe graphics