Kirschner Studios

Website of Anna Kirschner photographer

Anna Kirschner is a very kind customer of ours who always makes her photo studio exciting with creative ideas and innovative concepts, so she also comes to us with large-scale ideas when she wants to communicate all of this on the web.

Anna has always strived for a professional web appearance, the studio's current website is already in its third generation and we can say that we are moving forward beautifully, always following current trends.

In this website project, we completely renewed the logo of the studio, targeting the world of color and the typical design of fashion magazines. All parts of the design and the website were designed and built by our team.

What are these exciting innovative ideas in the studio? We borrowed their introductory description from one of their main profiles: Kirschner Studios specializes in "Makeovers", which means we take fashion and magazine-style photos of private individuals. All this with a stylist, hairdresser and make-up artist for the sake of the perfect end result.

As the head of the studio used to say: "You can come here even after a run, even in warm clothes, because at the end a real superstar will greet you from the pictures anyway." The pictures show carefree and self-effacing smiles in a way that is almost unique in the country - the only studio where the crew consists exclusively of women.