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Even though it is still considered new in Hungary, the MG brand has been developing and manufacturing vehicles that are constantly ahead of their time, available in several categories and highly variable, since 1924. Today, as one of the dominant players in the electric car market that meets all environmental protection and ergonomic needs, it is trying to conquer the roads and lovers of environmentally friendly driving. It is a pleasure and an honor for us to be part of its domestic launch on behalf of Duna Autó, for which we were able to assist with one of the most important elements of the campaign and sales, the creation of MG Motors' official website.

The frontend and backend of the site are provided by WebDream's self-developed Optimus 5-e framework based on Sympony. In addition to perfect responsive solutions, the 4 developers working on the project also focused on fast page loading. The essence of the development is provided by the brand service search map above the footer, as well as the car model configurators and the car model comparison functions, with which users can compare the equipment of different car models. During the development, we paid special attention to the admin interface, which is easy to use even without any IT knowledge, where the current vehicle portfolio, equipment and color list can be expanded/edited with a few clicks. The car configurator, which is the most exciting part of the frontend, has also been given a user-friendly, sales-focused look and function, so prospective car buyers can easily and enjoyably assemble and then find the right MG models for them.



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