Novartis Doctor Portal

Novartis' informative portal developed for doctors and specialists

The main goal of the Novartis medical portal is the doctor - and thus - patient support. Doctors entering the portal have the opportunity to learn about new medicinal products, from dosage instructions to safety data sheets. In addition to the development tasks of the Drupal-based portal, WebDream was entrusted with content uploading and the preparation of Hungarian graphic mutations.

One of the main interesting aspects of the project, in addition to the development challenges from the Drupal environment, was the topic, which gave an opportunity to learn about the grandiose background systems and processes related to medicinal products. As the project progressed, our developers also got to know the effects, dosage and possible side effects of countless drugs, so if we wanted to express ourselves in a fun way, we could also write that they started the project as developers and reached the end as pharmacists.





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