A Novartis Hungária Kft. official portal

Novartis is a pharmaceutical giant founded in 1996, but today it already has 110,000 employees and generates more than 50 billion dollars in annual sales. In our country as well, they try to help patients who are present in countless fields of medicine with numerous medical preparations, even those used in special fields. Novartis' dedicated goal is to complete the life cycle of patients and achieve the most comfortable and valuable life possible, regardless of illness. Following similar values, WebDream was able to help the drug manufacturer-doctor-patient relationship by strengthening the online appearance and communication of Novartis. The portal is one of the most important online pillars of Novartis' Hungarian subsidiary. We also undertook the tasks of creating and delivering unique solutions for the Drupal website, as well as uploading the contents of the subpages there.





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