Pek-Snack website

Pek-Snack website

Pek-Snack is one of those Hungarian franchise chains that is simply impossible not to come across, as they are found in almost all subways, shopping centers and in the corners reserved for bakeries in larger retail stores. The creation of 1,800 display bakeries has been a grandiose task since 1998, thanks to which the most delicious breakfasts, lunches and snacks reach hundreds of thousands of people. Moreover, Pek-Snack does not only sell: it develops and produces the products in its portfolio in its own 6,000 m2 plant. They have been present in Croatia since 1999, and in Slovakia and Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2021.

Pek-Snack asked us to renew not only their website, but also their reseller webshop. The updating of the pages started with the UX/UI design, in which we paid special attention to keeping the brand foundations that have existed for many years and adapting to them, all in such a way that the end result is a responsive website that meets current trends and user expectations as much as possible. In addition, we had to structure the website created for customers in such a way that not only the products play the main role, but also Pek-Snack-related news, job offers, interesting information and social media channels. During the renovation, the slightly outdated, sales-focused website became a website 100% aligned with the Pek-Snackhez brand, full of the taste and smell of fresh pastries, from which a direct route leads to the Pek-Snack stores.

The website is built on Sympony foundations, which serves the interface available in 5 languages through a monolithic application built on Symphony foundations. In order to easily update content, a robust admin was created behind the page, which was realized through WebDream's own Optimus 5 framework and makes it easy to keep the page up to date. Numerous integrations in the background help with daily updates, the product portfolio from SAP and the related product information are automatically updated when a product is modified or a new product is added.


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