Sewer Robot Vs. Fatberg Monsters online game

Creating the online game Sewer Robot vs. Fatberg Monsters, the related microsite and physical board game was a great joy not only for our creatives and graphic designers, but also for our developers. The microsite and the game that takes place in it, as well as the social media campaign promoting it, were created at the request of the Capital Sewerage Works of Budapest, and its purpose was to draw attention to the wipe problem. The online game was already played by hundreds of people on the day of its launch and took up the fight with the help of the Sewer Robot - against the fatberg monsters that clog the sewers and are made up of wipes and other household waste thrown into the toilet. In addition to the online game, a physical board game was also created, the basis of which was the game Sewer Robot vs. Fatberg Monsters.

The purpose of the board game was to make it easy for children who play online, but also for adults who like offline games, to easily learn about the cloth problem and its solution. The board games were drawn as part of a prize draw and distributed to the lucky ones. What was it like to be a part of the project and implement it? We could apostrophize it with the word: refreshing! During the development, the office turned from a stronghold of IT professionals into a 3rd grade classroom of an elementary school, where only happy and blushing faces and cute tiny brains working at 110%, from creative ideas to 80s pixel animation. Although the project is dated at the beginning of 2021, it immediately won the WebDream Favorite of the Year award and, based on customer and user feedback, won not only our hearts, but also the hearts of the Customer and the Players. We are proud that we were able to fill this project not only with the technological solutions and creative energies we used, but also to be part of an effort that will make the planet Earth a more livable place, if only a little.



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