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"Become an IT expert!" program presents the colorful world of IT to students in the framework of an interactive career guidance presentation. Professionals working at the Telekom Group visit interested secondary and elementary schools on a voluntary basis to introduce young people to the opportunities, challenges, and career paths inherent in the IT profession in a 45-minute class. The popularity of the program is based on the fact that students receive authentic information firsthand in this way. The show is free for schools; so far, our colleagues have reached nearly 2.000 students.


In 2013, T-Systems approached us with the task of significantly further developing their existing event portal solution, expanding the existing solution into a large company portal with many new functions. We were pressed into extreme deadlines, receiving a previously unknown code base. Having mapped the system, the expected future developments and technologies, we decided to rewrite the existing solution and base the operation on our own framework.
Our deadline was the most important event of the whole year, the T-Systems Symposium, which company group invites its premier partners and suppliers to a technology show and a VIP event.
We hit the ground running. At that time, 6 different IT suppliers were connected to the system, whom we had to coordinate, and the first test was finally passed. The project team then analyzed the lessons learned in a series of meetings and we began to develop long-term development solutions. breakfasts, team-building trips, etc.). b> started using our system.
The T-Systems Symposium continues to be an award-winning event for which we plan and tune the biggest releases. We implement innovation and the latest ideas, strengthening the status of the special event. In the meantime, we nostalgically mention the nights and stories related to the first introduction in the development team.

What can the event portal do?

Everything! Independent event management. Management of event types, locations, lecture halls, speakers, program, program. Management of plenary sessions, sections, topic groups. Customizable event parameters, customizable registration, newsletters and automatic notifications. Customization of mobile applications, interactive event functions (voting during the performance, saving favorite speakers, rating, reminders and push notifications). Control of on-site displays (display of program lists, next performances, emergency notifications on the displays). Support for the entry system (sending invitations with QR codes, entry linked with QR readers, individual badge printing during entry). Professional follow-up options, the ability to view the most important statistics after the event. Statistics of registered, entered guests, on-site interactions and evaluations. Our latest development is a heat map display of the location change of visitors at the event. If you want to know more about our event portal solution, contact us!



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