Tolnagro company websites

4 + 1 company websites

Tolnagro Állatgyógyászati Kft. is Hungary's market-leading veterinary drug distribution company group.

The company group entrusted us with the exciting task of designing the websites of the 4 companies belonging to the company group in such a way that, despite the presentation of the different companies, they are still similar to each other and give the visitor the feeling that these companies belong to the same company group.

As the first step of the task, we redesigned the company logo, in which we created different logos for the company group. The 4 websites were given 4 different colors in other visual elements and we completely unified them in their structure, we built the sites with the same navigation and modules.

With regard to the backend systems, we introduced special solutions, with the help of which we made the maintenance of all sites even faster and simpler. For example, news about a group of companies can be published immediately, with 1 click, on up to 4 websites.

After the introduction of the Tolnagro corporate websites, we were commissioned to create the website for the annual professional conference (Primakatedra) organized by the company group.